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Facts about Jesus you did not know

Jesus Christ

Jesus was born earlier than we thought

In Our present calendar, which starts from the time Jesus Christ was born, A.D. meaning anno domini, in Latin for “in the year of our Lord,” is incorrect. As we know from the Roman historians that King Herod died about 4 B.C., but Jesus was born when King Herod was still alive. Even so, the debate about the date continues, the census mentioned in Luke 2:2 occurred in about 6 B.C. taking these and the other details into consideration, Jesus Christ was born between the time 6 and 4 B.C.


Jesus protected the Jews during the exodus

Ae we all know the Trinity always works together. When the Jews escaped from the Pharaoh, as detailed in the book of Exodus, Jesus sustained them in the forest. The apostle Paul revealed this truth about this in 1 Corinthians 10:3-4: “They all ate the same divine food and drank the same divine drink; for they drank from the divine rock that led them, and that rock was Christ.”

Jesus was not just a carpenter

Mark 6:3 mentions Jesus, a “carpenter,” but it’s likely he possessed a wide range of construction skills, and with the ability to work in stone, wood, and metal. The Greek translated the word carpenter as “tekton,” an ancient term heading back to the poet Homer, around 700 B.C. While some scholars noted that wood was rare in Jesus’s time and most houses were made from stone. Under the guidance of his step-father Joseph, he has traveled throughout Galilee, building synagogues and other various structures.

Jesus spoke three, possibly four languages

As we all know, in the gospels that Jesus spoke Aramaic, the common language of ancient Israel and because some of his Aramaic words were recorded in the Scriptures. As a devout Jew, he also spoke the Hebrew language, which was used in the prayers within the temple. However, many synagogues used the Septuagint, which are the Hebrew Scriptures translated into the Greek language. When Jesus spoke in Gentiles, he may have conversed in Greek, the commerce language of the Middle East at the timeline. However, we don’t know for sure, that he may have talked with a Roman centurion in Latin.


Jesus could be amazed

In two occasions, Jesus showed great surprise, he was amazed at the people of Nazareth’s lack of faith in him and could no miracles there, and the great faith of a Roman centurion also amazed him. The New American Standard Bible tells us that Christ “emptied” himself, while the later ESV and NIV versions of the bible says that Jesus “made himself nothing.” The controversy is still going on over what this emptying of divine power means, but we can ensure that Jesus was both fully God and fully man in his incarnation.

Six Important teachings of the Bible on Men and Women


Gender: The Divine Design

As per the Genesis creation account, God created humanity in two forms, male and female. Both these genders are creational and not contractual. Also, they are divinely instituted and not socially defined. Thus the Bible teaches and preaches that gender cannot be renegotiated with and any such attempt is punishable by God.

The Divine Design

The Man was given the responsibility to lead

The ancient text teaches that the first to be created by the supreme was the man and it was him who was entrusted with the responsibility to lead. The woman who was created post the creation of man was from the man and for the man.

The man and the woman are partners

The man and woman are both responsible for carrying out God’s will to multiply and populate the earth and also subdue it by exercising dominion. This partnership is a genuine one that can now be seen in acts wherein the man exercises his godly leadership, and the woman is encouraged to participate within the Biblical boundaries.

The core of our existence

We are all men and women, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters and brothers and sisters. These relationships and gender roles are based on our divinely manifested identities. These gender identities are anything but superficial and deeply affect who we are as individuals, family members, church members and also citizens of a nation. Although the Gospel does extend to all of us, that does not mean we cease to exist as men and women of divine creation.

No room for improvement

God’s design of humanity and gender roles of male and female cannot be improved upon as they are the ultimate. The Bible preaches that it is essential to understand that God’s ways are always superior to our own. God’s design for man and woman is an expression of his goodness, beauty, and wisdom.

Current cultural trends reflect humanity’s rebellion against the Creator

In this day and age of rapidly changing gender roles and responsibilities and also the rise in many new gender groups, the fundamentals of Christianity are threatened. Current cultural trends such as transgenderism or same-sex marriages are symptoms that will eventually result in humanity’s rejection of its Creator. The Bible teaches that autonomous human reasoning is a rebellion against God and his ways. This rebellion will incur eternal judgment unless and until people’s trust in Christ remains intact. As believers of the Christ, we are entrusted the responsibility to carry forward and live his way of life and respect his design of the earth that we live in.

Surprising facts about Christianity

Church Hall

The fate of Christianity depended on the great Battle of Tours in the 732 A.D. wherein the Arab invasion was defended and defeated by the Frankish Force in present-day France. This defeat is what prevented Islam from spreading to all of Western Europe and helped Christianity hold its ground in the region.

A 4th Century account penned by St. Augustine states that Christians must not interpret the Genesis in its literal terms as he foresaw that if in the future science proved otherwise, the Christian witness would fade in to utter darkness and this would eventually lead to the downfall of the religion.



Vladimir, the Great of Russia, was given the option of either converting Russia to Islam or Christianity and he chose the latter. The reason for this was that Russians adored their alcohol and it was something that was an inherent part and parcel of their culture, and it was prohibited or considered Haram in Islam.

The keys to the holiest site in the history of Christianity, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre are entrusted in the hands of a Muslim family. The members of the family are responsible for the opening of the church every morning. This gesture was meant to maintain peace between both the denomination in that region, and this arrangement was made in 1187 A.D.

Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are all part of the Abrahamic traditions of the West and worship the same Abrahamic god. Even their religious texts have a lot in common as they feature many of the same prophets, places, and sources of origin.

In the 1700’s a mason working on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre left behind his wooden ladder which is now protected by the church. No one is allowed to move the ladder without the permission of six different Christian leaders.

In the year 1631, almost all the copies of King James Bible were burnt owing to a minor error. The error was that the Seventh Commandment stated, “Thou shalt commit adultery” instead of prohibiting it. It then derived the title of the ‘Wicked Bible.’

The Ten Commandments are the biblical principles of Christianity that set the base for the religion as a whole. Although different denominations have many interpretations most of these have a similar larger picture. Most interpretations have standardized the prohibitions on theft, adultery, blasphemy, murder, and idol worshipping.

The Bible is a compilation of ancient texts that have been around for a long period, around 1923 years now. However, the Bible was compiled over a period of approximately 1500 years and not overnight. Moses penned the initial books around 1400 B.C., and it ended in around A.D. 95. With the Book of Revelation composed by John the Apostle.